Part 1: Mine, the love story of a boy

This is my first post.

This is an action story.

When I was small I had a friend that I would always play together with, but usually her mother would disagreeing with me being friends with her daughter.

As time passed I grew attached to her and I couldn’t stand not seeing her even for a single day.

We weren’t really the typical neighborhood friends as I would walk for half an hour to the next neighborhood just to play with her.

And then a day came when she got sick, I went and visited her, secretly, as her mother opposed the idea of me getting any closer to her daughter and did not want me to visit,
at that time she told me the reason why her mother did not like me.

She said,

“My mother doesn’t really dislike you, in fact, she actually said that you were a nice boy.”

She looks at me with sincere eyes, but when she saw my unbelieving face,
she smiles and continues,

“As you know my mother believes in the providence of the stars, and that you and I are not meant to be together…”

She pauses and then laughs, she continued saying, “Well I don’t really believe what she said, because if we were not meant to be together then why are you here with me now?”

But I just replied with silence.

The time passed quickly as I sat beside her.

When I left to go home, the lingering feeling of doubt to what she told me was left in the corner of my heart.

Later that week, she got better and after that a year passed, we were the same as usual playing, talking, or just walking for no reason, and one day on our way home from playing, when I was about to go to my house she stopped me and as she wanted to tell me something, she hesitated for a bit but as she steeled herself and told me,

“Sammy… My mamma told me… That my grandpa fell ill, and… And that we’re going to their house so that we could watch over him.”

As she said that she looked sad for a bit then added,

“She told me to tell you this so you won’t cry when we’ll leave, so promise me you won’t be sad when I leave okay? Promise me you’ll make some new friends so you can tell me about them when I return okay?”

I was completely taken aback with shock as she told me that she was leaving for her grandparents’ home somewhere in Europe, because her grandfather fell ill, and that they were going to be staying there for a while, until everything was all well and done.

After she said those words, she ran away crying and shouting ‘Its a promise then okay!?’ and ‘You’ll keep that promise okay!?’

Walked away toward my house muttering, “So she’s gonna leave just like that? I haven’t even answered her yet and she assumes that I already agreed to her.”

I continued walking snot dripping from my nose…


My time with her was getting shorter and shorter until, two weeks passed and the time that my friend’s departure had come…

On that day we said our goodbyes, I smiled the whole time we did so, while she continued to cry as she hugged me and my mom, she cried as she shouted at me to keep my promise to her.

The time passed and she finally left.

I stood there on the same spot where I said goodbye to her.

My mom told me that we were returning home, and that was when my tears started to flow out.

It was the moment I felt the saddest, realizing that my best friend that I cherished the most left me.

My mother hugged me telling me to keep crying and let it all out.

I told her,

“Mom, I did good right? I kept the promise that I won’t be sad when she left right?”


~Riiinngg~…  ~Riiinngg~…  ~Riiinngg~…  ~Riiinngg~…..

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

As I sat up on my bed I felt for my glasses on top of a desk beside my bed.

Then after wearing it I stood up and went to take a bath.

On my way to school I went to my friends house, knocking on his door, what answered me was his dad and he told me that my friend, Lance, was just getting dressed and yelling at the inside, I realized that he was still taking a bath.

After a moment Lance came out of the house yawning, he said,

“How can you wake up so early? We were playing till late last night.”

But I just gave him a silent response, muttering “Because I’m not like you…”

“What was that?! Are you acting all high and mighty now? Just because you’re really good at the game doesn’t mean you can brag.”

“Can’t I now?”



At class while talking to Lance and some of my other friends the bell rings, signifying the start of classes.

My friends went back to their seats except Lance, he continues to talk mentioning something about transferring and hot chicks.

Well I wasn’t really listening to what non-sense he was spouting because I was off in my own world staring at nothing outside the window thinking what I would be doing after class ends.

Lance notices this and hits the back of my head, saying,

“Hey! I’m talking to you. You should listen to me or my feelings will get hurt!”

I glare at him and say,

“You should know that I always don’t  listen to you, and what’s this about your feelings, huh? If I could hurt your feelings I would have already pulverized it!”

Lance snorts and prepares for a come back, but was cut off by the teacher that just entered the room,

“Mr. Argent please return to your seat. Now!”

Lance snorts again but doesn’t make any rash decisions about offending the teacher and returns to his seat, muttering incomprehensible things in his breath.

“Okay, now that that’s out of the way,”

The teacher continues saying while walking to the front of the class looking at Lance like he was a box filled with recyclables, she continues,

“I would like to introduce to you the transfer student that I mentioned to you last week.”


I didn’t hear there was supposed to be a transfer student in this class, well, that’s not really my problem to deal with…

“Okay Miss, come in here and introduce yourself.”

The teacher indicates to the girl to come up front and to begin her introduction. (Well this is what I think the teacher is doing, I wouldn’t know because I’m not looking at their direction.)


So it was a girl I wonder what dirty things Lance would be thinking right now?

The girl finishes her introduction and the teacher continues from then,

“Now Miss, you can sit at the chair behind Mr. Samills.”

The teacher surprisingly mentions my name and I unintentionally look toward the front wondering why my name was called, and I see a beautiful brown-haired girl standing a few meters from where I’m sitting and while wondering what was happening, our eyes met and I instantly turned my head away thinking why she suddenly smiled.

“…Sammy?” A sweet female voice suddenly resonates through-out the room.

C-R-A-S-H !!!

-To be continued…



Hope you like what I wrote…  But, well, even if you don’t I won’t care…